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It is not enough to take a beautiful website, launch it, and sit back and wait for the traffic to come.

That's like paying to have a beautiful print ad placed randomly in The World Yellow Pages billions of pages long, and think that people will find you.

Nobody will find this site in the search engines unless it is optimized for the search engines.

Search engines are the index of this massive database of miscellaneous information and help a user find what s/he is looking for. Search engines are an integral part of how people navigate successfully through the enormous amount of information available in this Information Age.

To attain high rankings in the search engines, your site needs to be search engine friendly so that search engines know what your site is about and index it properly. This is done through keyword-rich content and incoming links.

By having the words that people type into the query box of a search engine in the content of your page, the search engines know that your website is relevant to a user’s search.

If you want to be found under "French Restaurants in Queens," those words need to be on your page.

Links from other websites to your website are important because search engines use the number and quality of links pointing to your site as an indication of your site's value. Links will increase your traffic and your site’s ranking.

We offer the following SEO services to accomplish your goal of getting noticed and ranked highly in the search engines:

>> Keyword Research

We use Keyword Discovery as our keyword research tool to determine which words your targeted visitors search for when they want to find a product, service, or information that you offer. These words must be included in the copy.

Keyword Discovery currently collects the search term queries that people type in from over 180 search engines world wide. Their database contains approximately 32 billion searches from the last 12 months.

This gives us a good idea of the search terms that people use to find websites like yours.

With this data, plus research that determines how competitive these keyword phrases are to rank for, we will select which phrases to use in your copy.

>> SEO Copywriting services

With our list of keyword phrases, we will write or re-write your copy in a natural, flowing, descriptive way that makes an emotional connection to your visitor.

We will use the keyword phrases in your title tag (the name of your page), in the text, and in headings, sub-headings, and bullets, where appropriate.

This makes it easier for your visitor to know what your page is about, and it makes it easier for the search engines to deliver relevant results to the user.

>> Link building

I remember the first time I was on the web. I never saw a website and I didn't really understand the concept of being online. My friend showed me a website and throughout the content were underlined words. She clicked on these words and -- MAGIC!!! -- we jumped to another page. And then like magic again, we went to another page.

How in the world did that happen? It was amazing - and it still is.

Twelve years later I understand it a lot more, and it is no less amazing. The massive amount of information out there is staggering and it's all just a click away.

Links are what the web is all about. It is the fundamental premise of the web. There are infinite possibilities from a single starting point. You can go anywhere from here - but you need links to get there.

Your website cannot be an island unto itself. You need people to reach you. Some people may take a direct flight to your website because they know your web address, but there are so many other people out there eager for information and ready to take a connecting flight to your site. They've never heard of your site, but they're willing to click on a link and visit.

You need links. If lots of sites link to your site, it must be good.

As part of our SEO services, we offer link building to give your site a bigger presence on the web.

>> Statistics tracking

You shouldn't be clueless about how many people visit your website, how they found your site, which page they landed on, and how long they stayed.

To track the success of your website, we use ClickTracks, an advanced statistics tracking program that offers intuitive, insightful analysis of your website.

It provides valuable information such as how many visitors your website receives per day, where visitors came from, which keyword phrases they used to get to the site, how people navigate through the site, how long they stayed, the effectiveness of e-mail campaigns, and more.

Understanding visitor behavior is key to getting the best results from your website.

>> Let's discuss your business goals

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