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Web Design

GET Noticed: Web Design makes the first impression

Quick! You only have a few seconds to make an impression on your visitor. Will they stay or will they go?

There are so many factors that affect a visitor's decision to stay: great content, intuitive navigation, calls to action... but the very first impression that your visitor gets when s/he visits your site is the design.

Web design is so important

At RB3 Web Design, we create beautiful and usable designs. We understand that it is the design that pulls it all together, that makes it work, that makes it special, that makes it stand out, that leaves a mark, that makes an emotional connection, that creates a mood, that conveys a message, that invites you in, that takes you by the hand and leads you along.

A great design means excellent usability. The website must have clear and consistent navigation. There must be clear calls to action. There must be headings and sub-headings to make skimming easier. There must be instructions, simple forms, and clear directions where to go.

A Website is a team effort

As a team, we will work together until the design captures the focus of your company.

Call us today at 516-299-5202, send us an e-mail, or fill out our Contact Us form to talk more about your business goals.

Our web design services:

>> Web Design

We will talk with you to get your ideas for color, mood, and the image you want to project. We will present 3-5 designs to choose from and we will design as many drafts as necessary to create the perfect web design for your company.

>> Usability

After your visitor has decided to stay a while and check out your website, your site must deliver what your visitor is looking for. Usability is the ability for a user to easily find his/her way around your website, with beacons along the way to help your user find what s/he is looking for and discover new areas of interest that your site provides. If your site is user-friendly, your visitor will easily find what s/he is looking for and more.

It sounds simple and obvious. Usability is common sense, yet it eludes so many websites.

As Jakob Nielson, a usability expert, said:

"On average, websites that try usability double their sales or other desired business metrics. The reason? The Web is the ultimate competitive environment, and users won't invest their time and mental resources in struggling with websites that violate their right to simplicity. There's always another site they can visit instead."

We work with usability consultant, Kim Krause Berg of Usability Effect to test the following factors of a website:

• User experience
• Consistency
• Understandability
• Information architecture
• Conversions
• Causes for web page abandonment
• Credibility and authenticity
• Desirability
• Emotional connection
• Customer satisfaction
• Navigation
• Accessibility

>> Programming

We program in ASP and PHP to create dynamic websites with features such as a catalog, a calendar, e-commerce, or a program guide of classes. Our e-commerce sites use X-Cart as the shopping cart program and we use a great team of programmers for the X-Cart design.

>> Flash

Flash is a program used to design movies that add a lot of personality to websites. Flash is great for picture shows or short movie presentations. We no longer design all-Flash websites (bad for the search engines) but we will add Flash to HTML pages. If you want a short movie on your website, we'll create a beautiful movie to capture the spirit of your company.

>> Logos, Graphics, and Banners

If your logo is old and outdated, or just plain boring, we will design an appropriate professional logo for your business. If you need a catchy graphic designed to promote a new item or service, or if you need a banner or rotating banner designed, we'll prepare stunning graphics to enhance your website or print media.

Call us today to discuss your business and website goals at 516-299-5202
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